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Dan Cooley, Lead Pastor









Family: I met my wife JoLynn in college and we have four wonderful children: Megan (Jon) Amanda (Jake), Micah, and Caleb. And we have four grandkids, but by the time you read this is may be six.

Education: I went to a bunch of schools (fun, but not too productive…) finally getting my life together and graduating from Criswell in Dallas and Moody Seminary in Chicago.

Personal Stuff: As a missionary kid, I’ve always known who Jesus was, but it wasn’t until college that I really began to look at how He fit into my life. Discovering the answer has been a mysterious, exhilarating, long (and sometimes difficult) journey, but I could not imagine a life without Christ. I have never regretted living by His book. If I can trust Him with this life, why not trust Him with the next one?

Outside of Church: I love eating, camping, rappelling, fixing cars (too often), spending time with friends (never enough) and raising my children. Some of my favorite books include Mere Christianity and all things CS Lewis, Voodoo Mountain, and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. A few of my favorite movies are Napoleon Dynamite (ughhhhhhhhh), Princess Bride (Inconceivable!), Shadowlands, and Blues Brothers (We’re on a mission from God!)

Writing: I've always enjoyed telling the little-known stories from the Bible. I've written a couple books about it - Bizarre Bible Stories, and Bizarre Bible Stories 2!  I also enjoy writing for Leadership Journal, a pastoral leadership quarterly put out by Christianity Today.

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Reinaldo A.Z. Garcia, Ed.D., Executive Pastor




Mark Smith, Worship Director








Family: I met my wife through a relative of mine, and married her on May 25, 1996.  We have been blessed with 3 children: Ha’li, Mark II, and Khrystian.

Education: Associate Degree in Criminal Justice; Bachelors Information Technology; MBA-Technology Management; Currently pursuing Masters of Divinity-Worship Leadership emphasis degree.

Personal Stuff: I was raised in a family that was musically inclined. Music was my first draw to the Christian lifestyle. My favorite past time and form of relaxation is when I am worshiping alongside my wife and children. It is through music that God has begun to shape my ultimate career in serving Him by serving others.

Outside of Church: I love spending time with my family. We love traveling whenever the opportunity presents itself. Our favorite outing is going out to eat Sushi. I love attempting to learn to play the game of golf when time permits, and cheering on the PITTSBURGH STEELERS!

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Ryan Prieb, Youth Director 

Family: Originally from California (don’t hold that against us!), I was serving as a youth pastor in the Fresno area when I met my wife, Alissa, at a network meeting for youth workers.  But actually, it was mutual friends that got it in the same place at the same time that got us talking and spending time together.  We currently have one daughter, Janelle (though she often goes by her middle name, Lily).  We do foster care through CYFD and are hoping to adopt another child in God’s timing.

Education: I earned a BA in Christian Ministries at Fresno Pacific University in Fresno, California.  But my truer education came in the form of successes, trials and errors while serving in various capacities at camps and churches through the years.

A bit about me: As a MK (missionary kid), PK (pastor’s kid), growing up on the mission field and various other ministry settings, I was drawn to a saving faith at 5 and felt a tugging from God at age 10 toward a life of making Him known.  There were tumultuous years growing up, but I continued to trust in a God who would use everything I was walking through for my good and His good purposes.  Nothing is wasted with God.  He continues to prove that even today.

Likes/loves: I’ll dispense with the easy answers of Jesus and family.  I love being outdoors (with Jesus and family, of course!) camping, hiking, fishing, gardening, yardwork… just being outside.  Eating good food (taking a road trip to Pie Town for pie may seem a bit much… I assure you it’s not!) and drinking good coffee.  I love good reads especially by Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Stephen Lawhead and some others (mainly historical fiction/fantasy) and music (listening, singing, playing, writing).  A few favorite bands are U2, Switchfoot and CCR (I shouldn’t have to explain the letters!)

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Diana Tipton, Children's Director; Errol Tipton, Lead Men's Ministries











Family: Errol and Diana Tipton have been married for 26 years. Together they have 5 children: Melissa, Andrae’, Richard, Asiah and Anthony. They also have 10 grandchildren (much too many to name).  They met and were married at Victory Love Fellowship Church in Albuquerque, NM where they graduated from Victory Bible School of Ministry. 

Likes/loves: Errol and Diana enjoy spending time with their family and friends, gardening and raising chickens, as well as cycling and traveling, (time permitting…).

Diana is currently our Children’s Church Director. Email her at 

Errol is the leader of our Men’s Ministry. He is also a 5th and 6th grade teacher and is a drummer with the Anchor Point Worship Team. Email Errol at 


Mark Dunn, Outreach Director


Family: Susan and I met on an aircraft. I was the Test Engineer in charge of installing and testing the on-board systems, and she brought out a new software load. Funny how God works...I thank God for her, our 2 kids – Adrienne and Tyler, 2 special kids via marriage – Beau and Emily and 4 amazing Grandchildren: Reece, Jett, Sloane and Connor. 

Education: Associate Degree in Avionics Electronics; Bachelors of Science in Business Management, along with tons of life, work, and ministry education. Thanks God!

Personal Stuff: I grew up in Wisconsin as the 2nd of 4 boys. I gave my life to Christ in 1976 and to the ministry in in 1978. I love the Lord and enjoy pressing in to Know Him more. He is a never-ending treasure worth pursuing! Our life motto is: “We just want to hear God’s voice and do what He says.” Wow, when we do that, life is an amazing adventure!

Outside of Church: I love spending time with my family. We love to travel, SCUBA Dive and explore the beautiful world Our God has made. Susan and I have been involved with an Orphanage in Cameroon since 2007. We sit on the Board of Directors and are incredibly grateful for the lives that God is redeeming through Harvest Children’s Home.  I also enjoy firearms, and Susan is my awesome workout partner – and partner in everything else in life! I also love food and Dairy Products. J (Aren’t you glad God made food?!) I also enjoy watching America’s Team – the Green Bay Packers!

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Sherri S, Women's Ministries 

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