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We thought we would give you a list of some of our favorite websites. We hope this is helpful!


Bible Study Helps


Counseling/Family/Life Issues

  • John Rosemond - terrific parenting counselor - has an article in many newspapers including the ABQ Journal.
  • Focus on the family - started by James Dobson - THE family site if in doubt start here.
  • Men's Fraternity  - For men and their boys. Great resources.
  • Dave Ramsey - Finance information and help - what we use for financial training at Cottonwood.
  • Family Therapy - Family Therapy of Albuquerque counseling and resources.
  • Heritage Builders  - Helping you build a family of faith. Great bookstore, recent publisher of Bizarre Bible Stories.
  • Planet Wisdom - Life-changing discipleship for world-changing students


Questioning Your Faith?

  • Lee Strobel - Best selling author and his quest to find truth.
  • Probe Ministries  - This is a terrific site with tons of current questions that affect Christians.
  • One Minute Apologist  - Short video clips, usually a bit over two minutes long, on questions of the faith. All of them are linked to YouTube. A pastor interviews experts on various topics.
  • Questions?  - answers common questions about the Faith.


Sexual Integrity