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We are never more like God then when we give. “For God so loved the world that He gave...” (John 3:16). Truth is, we can’t give Him anything that wasn’t His to begin with. God has simply delegated His stuff to us, so we can use it for His glory.


Giving Options

Online Giving: First a warning. Of course we want you to give, but mostly we want you to become more like Christ. While we believe giving helps us to become more like Christ, we also believe debt does the opposite, leaving us as slaves to the lender instead of to God (Proverbs 22:7).  If you can take advantage of online giving without going into debt, we use ContinueToGive. With ContinueToGive you have immediate access to your year to date giving, and can set it up to reoccur. All gifts will go to the general fund for AnchorPoint unless you specify otherwise.  While this page is not secure, the pages opened at ContinueToGive and PayPal are, so you can be confident of a safe and secure transaction.

           C2Give For secure giving using a Debit/Credit Card or e-Check.

          PayPal Acceptance Mark Enter the amount in the easy Donate Box located on this page.

Sunday Giving: We have offering boxes and a giving kiosk.

United Way: You can sign up through many employers to give directly to AnchorPoint through The United Way.

GO MOBILE:  Text: 4844029  To: 715-803-4772

Blessings, and THANK YOU!


Please be sure to check with your company to see if they will match your donations.

Use this form as a quick way to check if your company will match giving:

Type in the employer or company you want to check.


If you find that your company provides matching funds,
please work with them to increase the power of your giving.

If they do not show up in this database, inquire at the company if they do donation matching.

Please contact us with any questions and any support materials 
we can provide.