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Wake Up! 5 ways to help this Easter


Have you ever been driving along and suddenly wondered where your brain has been for the last 15 minutes? Somehow you’re still on the road, shaken but OK. 


When I was a courier we called this entering “The Bogel Zone,” named after a street in Dallas. The Bogel Zone is an odd mental state where life is unconsciously flying by, and you are clueless. Maybe that isn’t so odd after all.


The Bogel Zone is responsible for 100,000 police-reported crashes every year. But, you can enter it without driving. It’s probably safer that way.


On that first Easter morning, it seems like everybody but Jesus was in The Bogel Zone. It’s almost like he returned undercover.


Mary Magdalene, the first to see Jesus, was so out of it she thought he was the gardener. The two disciples going to Emmaus spent most of their 2-hour walk explaining Jesus to Jesus. That makes me feel good, knowing Jesus went out of his way to meet with two clueless disciples going the wrong direction. 


That means he probably cares about us too. 


Easter is a great time to wake up and get out of the Bogel Zone. Ephesians 5:14 Is a great promise for Mary, the two disciples and us. “Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you light.” 


5 ways to help this Easter


  1. Ask God to show you who to invite to church. A neighbor? Coworker? Friend? You can use the card you were given at church last week.

  2. Fill out the connectionCARD in your bulletin - so visitors will see you do it & feel comfortable doing it too.

  3. Think Others First. Greet everyone around you. Park far away. Take the worst seats. Leave some snacks for those who come late.

  4. Remember – Services are at 8 & 10, w/snacks in-between, and nursery and toddler care at the 10:00 service only.

  5. Pray that those who hear the gospel will commit their lives to Christ.


Chart provided by LifeWay Research