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struggle to measure up banner5 Ways to Tell if You Struggle to Measure Up

Did you know I once fell 50 feet while pounding in a piton on a previously unclimbed ice pitch while rescuing my CO while training for the Rangers in the Grand Tetons? That may be a bit of a stretch. Actually, a friend fell maybe 30 feet while on my belay at Enchanted Rock in the mostly flat state of Texas. But, I’d rather tell the first story.

I want to measure up, to be liked—admired even. However, that can make lying easy, and living expensive. It seems we all have this innate belief that we have to meet certain standards to measure up. "If people believed I climbed in the Tetons they would think more of me and then I would be happy and successful." Right.

You might struggle to measure up if you. . .

Exaggerate about your rock climbing, or your back scratcher collection, or dalek impersonation or whatever else it is you weirdly want people to be proud of.

Spend more on others for Christmas than you can afford, and spend all year paying interest on VISA. But if that is you, I’m good to exchange gifts with you this year if you want.

Lie about why you are late. Sure the traffic on Paseo slowed you down for 5 minutes, but why are you giving that as the reason you were 20-minutes late?

Buy the flashy car with the horse on the front (Ferrari not Pinto) to look like someone you aren’t. I’ve been told Tom Selleck would have been cool without it (Magnum, P.I. for those too young to know), and I would just be broke with it. But what does JoLynn know?

Use cologne by the case. You might think it will help get the girl, but trust me, it won’t.

God gives us the answer to the struggle to measure up. It’s a fancy word called, "Justification." He tells us that our worth isn’t based on what we do, but on what He has done, and continues to do for us. Once we realize this, we can start telling the truth, spending less, and may even smell better.

Hope to see you Sunday!