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What are you worth?

According to, the elements in our body are worth about a buck. Our skin, if tanned and sold as leather, would be worth another $3.50, so we could round it up to 5 bucks - if we had a lot of skin.

However, let’s say we aren’t worried about legalities here. If we sold our body parts on the black market, Wired magazine says we could be worth up to $45 million. That’s way better than my life insurance. Don’t tell JoLynn.

But God says we are worth more.

Much more.

He says we are worth the sacrifice of His Son.

Inconceivable. Incomprehensible.

And true.

As soon as we believe, God gives us a new life, brings us into his presence, makes us a new home and prepares for us a new name.

We may not understand it, and we may fight to get the truth past our heads into our hearts. But, truth isn’t reality as we see it. Truth is reality as God sees it. What are you really worth?

See you Sunday.