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Dads: You’ve Got This!

I’ll never forget the day Megan, our oldest was born. I was a new dad, stunned - in a dazed, lost, and maybe even a bit conquered sort of way.

Soon after she was born, they handed her to me. What was I to do with her? I’d never held a baby before. What if I dropped her? And JoLynn wasn’t much help.

She was using having a caesarian and taking morphine as an excuse.

I wanted morphine. Did I get any?

Sadly, no.

And then, when we were alone in the room with drugged out JO, Megan had her first meconium diaper. Did anyone tell me about those?

Sadly, no.

So I was in there scrubbing that tar stuff off her bottom as hard as a good dad dared. However it was stuck on there like carbon deposits on old valve stems. What made it so difficult was the harder I scrubbed, the more she screamed. About the time I was reaching for some power tools to do the job right, the nurse came in. Did she thank me for being such a caring dad?

Sadly, no.

The next day someone in the hospital called me a dad. Inside I freaked. It didn’t seem possible. I was dazed, lost, most definitely in a bit of a conquered sort of way. I wasn’t ready. Did anyone tell me God’s grace would meet me in my weakness?

Sadly, no.

But it did. He did. And my greatest joy in life is seeing my children walking in the Truth. Dads, we’ve got this because He’s got this. Will I see you Sunday?

Hopefully, yes.