2 100-word stories, and X reasons to renovate



Why are we looking at renovating? We’d like to hear more 100-word-stories! First a couple of the stories that were sent to me this week. 


Jesus gives me help with my daily struggles. He's always there when I call on him - ALWAYS! He goes with me everywhere I go to keep me safe. He comforts me when I am sad and celebrates with me when I accomplish something. He points me in the right direction even when I try to do things on my own (you'd think I'd know better!). I know he will never leave me to fend for myself. He fills me up with so much of his love that there are no words to describe the joy that brings. I didn't even have to earn all this. I only had to ask. I love that! Joyce 

My life was like every other lost life out there--- full of sin---- anger, hate, lust, the need for control, greed. One day I realized JESUS had been standing with me all the time. Crying. When I surrendered at the cross, HE smiled. Now I live for HIM. Hes still smiling. Dan (not me) 

The church in Philadelphia lasted 1200 years. They spent most of their time telling their 100-word stories and rebuilding. History tells us their missions work went as far away as India (I had some friends in Winnipeg from India whose family traces their Christian roots to this church). It also tells us the city had earthquake after earthquake, and the church thus had building program after building program. 

We too are in the middle of deciding on a building renovation, so I found it encouraging reading about a church that struggled with it for 1200 years! 

For those of you who missed our Town Hall meetings, we are looking at doing a few things to our property. Here is a short overview: 

1.  We’d like to build a storage building behind the annex, so we can

  1. Eliminate the trailer and unsightly container on our parking lot
  2. Open up our current inside, air-conditioned storage space for PEOPLE. This will allow us to …
    1. Enlarge our youth, 3-5th grade classes, toddlers and preschool classes. This is a HUGE help, as all four of these classes are maxed out during the school year, and can run double what is recommeded (for daycares and schools) on our fullest Sundays.
    2. Keep our main annex room open for kids worship, receptions, potlucks, etc.
    3. Make our annex a "children’s building" during services for added security.

2.  We would also like to put in some handicap access for the Worship Center and Office bathrooms, and

3.  Put in a welcome/coffee center where the current storage/cry room sits. This means we will have to relocate the mom’s room that is there, possibly in the children’s annex. 

Why Renovate? 3 Reasons 

1.  Because we are devoted to the family. This will add safety, and give us enough children/youth space for running our max of 250 on a Sunday. This way, when our adult Worship area is full, our children’s area should be about the same        (rather than overflowing). 

2.  Because we are committed to the uncommitted. We want church to be about others, not just us. We want newcomers to fall into the welcome center rather than having to ask for it. We want those with special needs to feel honored that we have thought about them, rather than embarrassed to ask for help getting through doors.

3.  Because we are devoted to the next generation – and we want to invest in our youth. The church in Philadelphia (our church for this Sunday) was around for 1200 years! They cared about the generations coming up, and we want to do the same. 

This project may not do anything for you. You may not have kids, have no special needs, and not really care how the container looks. We aren’t doing this for ourselves. We are doing this for others. 

We have moved the recommendation/vote about the renovation from Aug 13 to Aug 20. It will be a simple ballot in our bulletin, with a place for both members and non-members to participate.  

Now – how’s that 100-word story coming? Here is one more, WAY more than 100-words, as we are still working to shorten it. However, I thought it was worth your read as is! 

I came to know Christ when I was 27. Over the next 35 years I have drifted in and out of my relationship with Christ. And even in those times I was not following him, I could always hear (feel) him softly calling me back. When I turned back, Christ was always right there. He never left me. 

August 2016 He called me back in a terrifying, amazing way. My job of over 26 years was gone, my last child had 1 year of school left and GOD had big plans for me that would utilize everything I had learned in those 60 previous years. I now had the opportunity to work for a non-profit of choice, for 1000 hours, and would be paid by my former employer for those hours. I thought about working for Care Net Pregnancy Center next to our church, so I could be close to my wife (the church admin). I then prayed (some, not much) for God to work it out so I could work at Care Net. (ahhh lesson here, I was not specific when I prayed). Next thing I know I’m interviewing with the Executive Director, and she says, "We have been praying for God to send us a man to run a fatherhood program here at Care Net". That scared me to death…me an answer to prayer? – Me run a Fatherhood program???? 

I went home and called those who would pay me for those 1000 hours, and asked for other options than Care Net. I no sooner hung up the phone and I started feeling so emotional inside. I could feel God saying, "You asked me for Care Net and I gave you Care Net. What are you afraid of? I will guide you." It just kept coming on me…. I was crying as I began to understand what was happening. I called those same people back and said, "I’m sorry, but I WILL be going to Care Net." I’ve been there for over a year now, the 1000 hours has ended, and I work for them full time. 

God gave his one and only Son so I could be forgiven of my sins and have eternal life. He gave me six children to raise and a God-fearing wife to love. He has allowed me to wonder and make mistakes, cry, love, loose loved ones, watch my children battle drugs, achieve success in sports – school – life. And now he has put me in a position to help teach other men (mainly younger men) what it means to be a father and how I know Our Heavenly Father loves them and wants a personal relationship with them. He has always been there and knew exactly what he was preparing me for. Thank you, Dear Lord, for your Grace and Compassion for me. Robert