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What a summer! What a week! Last Saturday we gave out 240 bags of school supplies at our first Back to School Festival. We were able to give out even more after the Festival, and seven folks just decided to come into membership at AnchorPoint over the weekend. Coming up next: the Love and Respect Marriage conference! 


This Sunday we get to vote on a proposal called Renovate 250. No, it’s not to buy a Ford F-250 and a boat for the youth group. Instead, we’d like to do some renovations around here so that we can adequately run 250 people a service. It’s not our adult worship area that needs the most help, it’s primarily… 

1.  To Bless Our Children: Building a storage area behind our annex would free up over 300 sq ft of much needed space that is currently used for storage in our children’s department. The area already has a sprinkler system, AC and heat, so we just need to relocate our storage, remove walls and renovate. This would also allow us to sell our trailer and storage container, which is a bit of an eyesore in the neighborhood. Maybe this way we would be blessing our neighbors as well, especially whomever is selling the house behind our container.

2.  To Bless Our Youth: Using our current Annex storage space for people would allow our youth to have their own space, that others could continue to use when needed. The youth have some space we just made available; they meet there on Sunday afternoon, and the 3rd – 5th grade class meet there on Sunday morning. It’s about half as large as we really need.

3.  To Bless Our Guests: A small part of this renovation would be to take out the current storage/cry room in the worship building. This area would then be for our guests – an information and coffee area for fellowship. We are working on an area for nursing moms or others with child needs to be available in the Annex, what would be the children’s building on Sundays.

4. To Bless Those with Special Needs: We would like to put handicap access doors on a couple of our entrances, making them double doors that open together, with no center window or support. We love those with special needs, and we want them to have a church facility that takes their needs into consideration. 

To do all this, we need to raise $100,000 in the next year, while still paying our budget and paying down our mortgage. Unfortunately, the Pastoral Ferrari was postponed until 2018.   

Or later. 

This week the "vote" is simple. There will be a ballot in the bulletin for anyone – member or not – to let us know what you think. You’ll figure it out – just drop it in an offering box when you’re done