Pastor Dan kicked off the Renovate 250 project this past Sunday. Renovate 250’s goal is to make facility improvements which will allow Anchorpoint to serve 250 souls in one service with adequate square footage and safety precautions for children’s ministry, along with some much needed storage space and improved handicap access. All in all the improvements should make the Anchorpoint facility safer, accessible and visitor friendly. I think it’s an excellent move.


As one of the founding pastors of Rio West Community Church when we first built this facility, I bring some historical perspective to the project that I think will be encouraging to the congregation. This Sunday Pastor Dan is allowing me to share some of the vision, “war stories”, and sacrifice that went into the initial construction of our facility.


I have taken notice over my decades of life that any meaningful and impactful endeavor is spearheaded by some courageous souls who pay a price to “make it happen.” This is true in every realm whether political, like our founding fathers, or local, like the birth of our school district back in 1994, or like this facility, which was first constructed in 2001.


Someone, or a group of someone’s has a vision for progress or profit or blessing, and through much labor they birth the vision and by God’s grace take the necessary steps to make it happen. This Sunday I’ll share the details and the struggles which went into the construction of this facility when our congregation was only about 130 strong, and that included the children.


The changes to our facility will help us minister to our children and visitors more effectively and so there is an immediate benefit to ourselves in improving our campus. But like the original team who constructed this facility, we also have a vision for “future” families who will be blessed by the vision, giving and sacrifice of the current AnchoPoint family.


So if you like stories of faith and testimonies of God’s miraculous work through His people then this Sunday will be a blessing to you.


Impacting our community,


Don Schlichte