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Help Houston: The best help we have been able to find for Hurricane Harvey – help that we can totally trust and support with boots on the ground – comes from the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief efforts. They are currently setting up to care for 60,000 displaced Texans, as well as preparing thousands of meals, restoring homes, etc. in the name of Jesus. This will go on for many months. You can give here, and/or hit the home button once you are on the site if you would like to volunteer. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know at . If we have enough interest, we may look at getting a team together.  


Some of us here made two trips to New Orleans after Katrina working with this organization. They do a great job, and we had great fun working with them. 


Help Joel Osteen: Talk has gone around social media at how Lakewood Church, located in Houston and where Joel is pastor, didn’t respond quick enough in the hurricane crisis. With over 43,000 weekly attendances, this is the largest church in North America, and meets in the former Compaq Center arena, where the Rockets used to play. Some of the posts I’ve seen included pictures of his Lakewood Church high and dry. Others showed the area flooded, which would be a logical reason for a late response to housing the homeless. I’ve no idea where the truth lies, I only know Joel is responsible for his response to the crisis, Lakewood church for theirs, and you and I are responsible for ours. Let’s help Joel, and the church at large, by ignoring the controversy and engaging in the solution. 


Help AnchorPoint: 97.something percent of our congregation voted to go ahead with Renovate 250! You can already give online or at church by designating your giving to Renovate 250. Thanks for your confidence in our leadership; we truly are trying to make sure we are leaning on God’s direction for our church. Off we go!