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What did you buy for Christmas last year? What did you receive? How long did it last?

This year, would you consider giving to our Christmas Offering? We have special envelopes in the bulletin and in back. The money raised will go into our Renovate 250 fund, to enable us to provide for 250 people a service. Lord willing, this new space will last for decades, and make an eternal difference. In contrast, here is where most of our American money has been going to at Christmas.

In 2016 the bestselling gift was… Hatchimals: Really? An egg, selling for 50 to 60 bucks was the best gift we could find? But, it could be worse.
In 2011 it was… Let’s Rock Elmo. The crazy thing is that we should have known better, because,
In 2008 it was… Elmo Live. The 2002 gift was a remake of an old-time toy.
In 2002 the best-selling gift of Christmas was… Beyblades. And, are you old enough to remember Furby from 1998 (evidently slim picking that year), or Tamagotchi from 1997, or Pogs from 1995?

What difference did those gifts make? A month after we opened them, we forgot where we put them, and a year later we put them in the Goodwill pile. Jesus was right, the stuff we buy down here wears out, but we can store up treasures in Heaven Mt 6:19-20.

Thanks so much for all the gifts you purchased for the Christmas Boxes and Walk to the Manger. Those gifts are storing up treasures in Heaven, they give to others down here and somehow give back to us up there. If you are able to give over and above your regular giving to the Christmas Offering as well, then may God bless you here and there – and may God bless our newer, larger facility in 2018 and beyond!

Also, we wanted you to know we have for your family a Christmas Devotional called, “Advent.” It has Scripture reading recommendations for December 3-25, as well as a devotional for each day. We plan to have it available this
Sunday, and pray it is a blessing to your family.

God Bless, see you this Sunday, for our first message in our new series,

And He Shall Be Called…