Get Connected  



Let’s face it, its crunch time. As I write this on Wednesday morning, there are only 11 days, 13 hours, 29 minutes and 15 seconds left till Christmas. 
Not that I’m counting.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could give more relationally while spending less financially? What our family really wants is us. Well, us and a horse maybe, but primarily us. 
Below are 20 relational giving ideas to help you this Christmas. Our kids gave us gift #1 a few years ago. That is a gift I’ve never forgotten, and it still sits in our living room. 
OK, here they are, stolen directly from a great online resource called Advent Conspiracy
 1.  Spend some time contacting a loved one’s friends, co-workers, and family members, and have them provide photos, memories, wishes, affirmations, or thoughts, and collect in a scrapbook.
 2.  52 packets of gourmet hot chocolate with a personalized mug and a note saying you’d like to share a special time together once a week.
 3.  Dance lessons.
 4.  For a couple with children: a book of babysitting coupons so they can schedule regular date nights.
 5.  For a child: a bag of supplies for kitchen science experiments you’ll do together.
 6.  Provide an experience, like a fishing trip, hunting trip, or a cooking class you take together.
 7.  Offer a service that relieves a burden: oil changes, yard work, etc.
 8.  Two copies of a meaningful book you’ll read together and discuss.
 9.  Scrapbook or photo collage filled with memories, photos, and thoughts.
10.  Massage.
11.  A road-trip adventure together.
12.  Gear for a sport you’ll play together.
13.  Offer to teach music lessons, or share some other skill.
14.  Supplies for making kites together.
15.  A day hike together, you drive, and bring lunch.
16.  Puzzles you will only work on together, creating space to connect and talk.
17.  Tickets to an event you’ll attend together.
18.  For a family: agree that instead of giving each other gifts, you will take one big trip together.
19.  A journal filled with one thoughtful note, encouragement, prayer, affirmation, or wish for the recipient for every day in Advent.
20.  For groups of any sort: Rather than everyone buying each other gifts, each member gives only one gift, but it is something the group can do/use/eat/play/experience together.