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I love basset hounds. I hear they are tough to raise, obnoxious, drool a bit and smell a lot. But then, we often like dogs that are similar to ourselves.

When I was little, we found a puppy and brought him home. I don’t remember how we got the puppy, I just remember standing back while my sisters went to my dad and said, “Daddy, daddy, can we keep him?” Then they lied about how we would feed, water, and clean up after him.

My sisters could do wonders on dad with their eyes. It didn’t work on mom so much.

This is a sick question, but I wonder if a daughter’s eyes are what saved the life of Moses. Can you imagine Pharaoh’s daughter running in the house, and up to dad, with a baby in a wet basket, asking, “Daddy, daddy, can I keep him?”

Pharaoh melts at the sight, and says to himself, “Self,” he says, “what difference can one little Hebrew baby make?”

What difference indeed.

Sunday we talk about Moses, God, and you. See you then.


I don’t mean to be a pessimist. I don’t even mean to say that none of your dreams will come true. What I meant to say is - I hate graduation speeches.

It’s the “follow your heart, aim for the stars and you’ll land on a cloud” kind of speeches that bug me. If you’re not a kid anymore, what dreams did you have when you graduated High School? I bet they didn’t come true – not many of them anyway.

What dreams do you have now? Same bet. But - that’s a good thing. Because…

God is a dreamer, and He dreams BIG. Bigger than us. Sometimes He gives His dreams to you, and those dreams DO come true.

This week we are in The Story, chapter 3. I hope you’ve read it. It’s about Joseph, the guy whose life was a disaster through no fault of his own. But...

His weird God dream about crops and stars bowing came true. I hope yours do too. See you Sunday!


OK, so I was just on my computer and typed “News” into the Google search bar. Which do you think was the first news station to come up? CNN? Fox? ABC? NBC? Yahoo?


It was Al Jazeera America.

It’s a news station put out by one of Abraham’s descendants. Genesis 12-22 is still happening. Ishmael and Isaac continue to battle. God’s covenant with Abraham still stands.  And, you and I are in the middle of it.

I continue to be amazed as I read The Story of the Bible, how God works through ordinary misfits. For starters, Abraham’s dad was an idol pusher, and Abraham slept with his servant girl. The result of that was… Al Jazeera America.

But later the Holy Spirit came upon another descendent of Abraham, and this teenager gave birth to a Son. They called Him Immanuel, meaning, God with us. Then He died for us, rose from the dead, hung around for a while, and then left after saying He would return and live with us.

I wonder - if God can bring Jesus through the likes of Abraham, what He can do through the likes of you and me? I, for one, am glad He doesn’t give up on ordinary misfits.

I also wonder, when Jesus returns, how Al Jazeera will report it.

1.       I’m a sermon critic… I have a hard time finding a church.
2.       I enjoy the fellowship of other believers. Well OK, most of them.
3.       I believe that we need common spaces, more grounded than the corner Starbucks, to discern right actions in a world faced with crisis.
4.       It provides opportunities for me to serve.
5.       It makes me happy.

BTW, these are ALL real reasons from real people. Why do you go to church?  I can think of lots of reasons NOT to go...

It’s a pain to get up early, get yourself ready, wake up the kids, argue with the spouse, kick the dog, pack in the car, and arrive feeling guilty for missing set-up. Then the mic feeds back, the projector is half off the screen, the sermon is boring, the people are weird, and you missed the 25 projects you were hoping to finish on Saturday.

Why go to church? You can worship in the mountains while downloading the new worship song performed by a professional band on itunes ,then listen to better preaching on UTube, and stop on the way home for better coffee at Satellite.


There is one key reason for going to church from Hebrews 10:23-25. We’ll discover it on Sunday.


Meanwhile, tell us. Why do you go to church?