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Thank You – and preaching on voting

Thank you so much for the wonderful Pastor Appreciation Sunday! The song - I don’t know what to say – that was amazing! The gift, and the love of the congregation for us, is something special. The end of Hebrews 13 asks us to live a certain way, so that our leaders will lead "with joy and not with groaning," you sure did that on Sunday. Thank you!

Tuesday is a big day– some believe it to be the most important vote in the history of our country. I’ve been given advice on how to preach on politics this year. But I’d rather have that discussion at Starbucks.

Here’s the thing. I love politics – well, I did before this election campaign – but I don’t see it as the purpose of Sunday morning worship. Worship is our response to God’s revelation. I believe certain things because of the revelation of God (like life beginning in the womb, caring for the poor, freedom of religion), and that influences my vote. But, on Sunday morning, we need a break from the yelling and shouting of life so we can refocus and respond to the revelation of God.

We will focus on what can change our broken world. It’s not the leader of America.

The church is the hope of the world. It’s the power of God pulsing through our veins, passed on to our friends and family, that can bring heaven to earth and hope to the world. That’s why child dedications are more important than what box you check on Tuesday.

This Sunday we plan to have the FIRST Child Dedications at AnchorPoint Church.

3 families

4 children

1 church

Hope you can join us.

Ways Outreach is Worship

Growing up my family "went to worship" every Sunday. I endured it. Going to church wasn't worship for me. The truth is, worship isn't going to a building or singing songs, or volunteering, or giving. Those may be forms of worship - but maybe not. Worship is our response to God's revelation. We can respond to God alone or in a crowd, with singing or silence, in a church building, or in a Ford. This month we want to encourage worship in some distinct ways.

I believe outreach is one of the supreme expressions of worship.

I believe outreach is one of the highest possible responses we can have to God’s revelation.

In Romans 15:16 Paul writes, "I bring you the Good News so that I might present you as an acceptable offering to God." (NLT)  

Note the connection between outreach - bringing the Good News, with worship - presenting an offering to God. Bringing the good news is worship.

Here are five ways outreach becomes worship.

When we share our faith, we are worshipping God - whether people respond or not.

When others accept this faith as their own, they are worshipping God.

When we pray for others to recognize the grace of God, we are worshipping God.

When we help those in need, whether it is buying Christmas shoeboxes, or TP for Buena Vista, or peanut butter for Haiti, we are worshipping God.

When we invite unchurched friends to our backyard BBQ to mix with our church friends, we are worshipping God.

I could have worshipped as a kid in church, I’m sure my parents did, but I missed out. This week I hope you join us for worship on Sunday, but maybe even more importantly I pray you can worship through outreach this week. It’s an extreme expression of our response to God’s revelation. Don’t miss out on either one.


best cards

HOPE to Finish Well
Have you ever felt like God dealt you a lousy hand in life? I have. In fact, I've some suggestions for Him, if He ever wanted to start over.
Real shoulders would have been nice. A higher IQ wouldn't hurt. And, it would have been sweet to have been born into money, maybe a house with an inside swimming pool and a red Ferrari for HS graduation.
Sometimes, when I want to whine, life seems unfair.
It is.
That being true, how has life been unfairly good to you? Make a mental list of 5 things you have, that some others don't. You can read, aren't starving. . .
God doesn't ask us to be the best kids, athletes, students, husbands, or wives in the world. He tells us to rely on Him to do the best with the hand we've been dealt. One day we will get to give an account to God on how we played our hand, and He hopes to reward us.

HOPE4fam 001Do you ever wonder if your family is beyond HOPE? Maybe you make excuses for your parents and hope no one asks about your children. But, God isn’t done with them yet. Here are some Biblical families, who did great things for God, in spite of past dysfunctions, sins and illegal activities… 

1. You would think the first family would have an advantage, with only God to look back on as their parents. But, Adam and Eve both ate the fruit and both tried to pass the buck to avoid responsibility. Then one son murdered another and became a fugitive to avoid prosecution. No one dared ask, "So, how is Cain doing these days?" at Thanksgiving. 

2. Isaac had twin boys, Jacob and Esau. Jacob duped his brother Esau into giving him his inheritance (with mom’s help), so Esau set out to kill him. Jacob ran to weird Uncle Laban, who then duped Jacob by giving him his ugly daughter to marry (probably when drunk) after seven years of work. Jacob had to work for another seven years to get Rachael, the good-looking sister, as his second wife. 

3. Joseph was sold to a band of Egyptian slave-traders by… his brothers – who made his parents believe he was dead.  

4.  King David’s family was the ultimate mess. He firstborn son Amnom was a rapist, his second born Absalom tried to take his dad’s job and slept with his wives, and his seventh born Solomon simply married everyone he wanted to sleep with. 

5. Even Jesus’ family wasn’t perfect. I’ve left my kids behind at church before (and they left me after church without a car once). But I felt better when I read that when Jesus was only 12 years old Mary and Joseph left him in Jerusalem when they were traveling back to Nazareth. It took a full day before they realized he wasn’t with them. I knew we were missing a kid after only half that time. 

There is HOPE for your family. Come this Sunday to find out how. 

DanHOPE4fam 001

HOPE4marriage 001 1200


HOPE For Your Marriage

The Bible. 2000 years after God wrote it, psychological studies affirm what it says about marriage.

Go figure. God really does know what He is talking about. 

Ephesians 5 teaches us that wives are made to love, want to love, and expect love. But we as guys can be pretty clueless. That part isn’t in Ephesians. 

It also teaches that husbands are made to be respected, want respect, and expect respect. Could our wives also be clueless? Dare I even write that? 

Understanding these two truths can be key to a successful marriage. Without love, our wives react without respect. Without respect, husbands react without love. And now five out of ten marriages end in divorce. 

That’s why Anchor Point University is starting it’s first class this Monday, October 3rd.   It’s a biblically-based video study called Love & Respect. Mark Dunn will lead the series, and it will take place in our library on Mondays from 6:30 – 8:30pm, and lasts through the month of October only. 

Speaking of APU – make sure you fill out that flyer in the bulletin this Sunday, asking for what studies you would like to take in the future.  

Blessings, hope you can make it this Sunday!