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06262016Why Do You Do What You Do with Money?

Seems like an easy question to me. I spend it because that is what it is made for. The problem is when I spend what I don’t have!

I (Dan) left for Haiti with our crew on Wednesday morning. So, Lord willing, I’ll be doing church in Port-au-Prince this Sunday. Speaking for me is Don Schlichte, founding pastor of Rio West Community Church, and married to Trish 40 years this summer. Listen to them, with six kids and six grand kids, they are full of wisdom. Don calls himself a re-purposed pastor and entrepreneur. He has been a local school board member for 15 years.

What is his life mission? So glad you asked! He says, “It’s maximizing my God given talents for the greatest good of the most by leading courageously, speaking truthfully, and serving faithfully.” He will be speaking the two weeks I am away.

Hope you get to hear from Don Schlichte this Sunday at Cottonwood!


Can you think of a better name? If so, send it to . We will be picking the name in July, starting services in NewChurch in August, and having our grand opening in NewChurch on September 18!
Don’t forget that we meet at Rio West this Sunday for our NewChurch VBS/Father’s Day Service at 10am. It will be worth coming if just to see the cave in the worship center. Amazing!
Meanwhile, please be praying our Merger Prayer: 
Lord, we praise you for your grace, mercy, wisdom, and answers to our prayers.  Thank you for Cottonwood and Rio West Churches, and the work you have done through your servants.
You have led us to join together to better reach out to the lost of Rio Rancho and beyond to expand your kingdom and to make disciples.  You are stretching us beyond our comfort zone as we asked.  We have difficulty with change and ask for courage and patience to overcome our fear.  With faith in you, we will intentionally reach out to establish new friendships and to fully use our spiritual gifts to unify this new body of Christ that we may glorify and serve you without reservation.
See you Sunday!

1 – The Merger. Yes, we ARE Merging. It's both exciting and scary, but after uprooting the Cottonwood Tree three times - from Cibola HS to the Cottonwood Shopping Center to Stapleton, we fill finally have a home. We hope to have a Promise Prayer out soon, but for now will you pray for the merger process – and promise to participate through 2016, and evaluate later? Thanks! Our upcoming schedule for Cottonwood (called If You Can Find Us You Can Come) is posted at the end of this blog.

2 – VBS. CaveQuest Vacation Bible School starts TONIGHT at the Rio West facility at 6pm. Drop off your kids and/or come and help out.

3 – Orlando Shooting. Let’s be praying for the family and friends of those suffering in the aftermath of this awful act of terror - especially praying for those Christians who have a connection - those who God will be directly using to be ministers of His grace at this time.


Cottonwood: If You Can Find Us You Can Come

June 19: This coming Sunday we will be at Rio West for the VBS/Father’s Day Service

June 26: At Stapleton

July 3&10: At Rio West as RRPS has asked to meet elsewhere for two weeks while they refinish the floors.

July 17: At Stapleton

July 24: At Stapleton, where Rio West joins us for a special communion / Haiti service

July 31: At Stapleton for our final celebration service

August: We begin meeting at our new facility under a new name. WE plan on having a grand opening for our new church on September 18

Hi All!
Diapers: Help a kid in Haiti! Click here for a list of needs for our team in Haiti. Have fun shopping, and bring the supplies to church THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 12
Mergers: Our vote about merging with Rio West is THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 12, after the service around 11am. If you can’t come, please email  us your preference before Sunday. Email questions to Dan
Testing Jesus: Sunday we will be in Matthew 22:15-22. In short, some bad guys test Jesus, He passes and they are amazed, yet they still walk away. What’s up with that? Are we guilty of doing the same thing? Come find out at 10am.
06052016Hey – it’s great to be back! So, why should we merge churches with Rio West? 
We should only merge if it is the first step in a bolder, larger, 10-year plan to grow God’s mission for our community. Anything else is a lot of pain for little gain. Come to church this Sunday for the full story!
After church this week (11am) we will be having a Q&A with Pastor Reinaldo from Rio West. Next week we will be voting. Here is how that works…
·         Only members who are at the meeting after church on June 12 can have their votes count towards the 2/3 needed to merge churches, but…
·         If you can’t be there, you can still email in your thoughts to . Your input won’t count towards the 2/3 needed, but it will be taken into consideration before we make the final decision. 
·         If you aren’t a member, you can still give your “vote” at the meeting. Again, it doesn’t count towards the 2/3 needed, but will be taken into consideration. 
·         The church leadership will look at the results on Sunday night, June 12. If there is over the 2/3 needed, and if the vast majority of others also support the merger, then we will go through with it and start a new church!
Make sure you’re checking the home page for locations of upcoming services. So good to be back, I’d hate to miss you because you went to the wrong location. Love you guys!