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1 - The Merger

Since I last wrote, I've been able to meet with the Ministry Council at Rio West, have some individual meetings, and finish a lot of planning. TONS got done. Here is where we are now:

We've agreed to a new draft doctrinal statement, pastoral job descriptions, and a plan for combining our boards, ministries, and budgets. We will get to support Rio West at their (maybe soon ours also VBS - see the newsletter for details), and they have already been supporting Haiti. And, lots of us were able to see each other at the Care Net banquet. Aden and Aaron will be working on the new bylaws with Stan and Wes from Rio West. Reinaldo, Executive Pastor at Rio West will be at our next board meeting, June 9 - Dan (I) plan to be at a town meeting at Rio West on May 31.

June 4 we have a vision team meeting planned to start working on a 10-year plan for New Church. Lord willing, the merger will just be step one in the 10-year plan. What can we do together that we can't do alone? How can we better glorify God? I hope to tell you when i am back on June 5. Speaking of. . .

On June 5 Town Meeting at Cottonwood (still in planning stages - could change) we hope to have a SHORT service, with a Q&A time after, starting by 11. Can Mark and I finish by 10:50? Come and see! Reinaldo, Executive Pastor at Rio West will be with us that day to answer questions as well.

On June 9 Reinaldo will be at our Elder's meeting at the office. Let us know if you would like to be there.

Voting Goal: If we continue to believe God is in this, we would like to vote before the Haiti team leaves, sometime around June 22nd. Since I'm going you would think I'd know the date... Maybe not.


2 - The Wreck


Saturday around 6:30 PM Micah came over and parked behind my car. I hate it when people park behind me. So, I said to myself, "self," I said, "I'll just take his car. The Miata is more fun anyway."

Amanda and I were needing to leave early Sunday morning to get to Phoenix for her week at Barrows Neurological Clinic, so Jo and I thought we would slip away Saturday night for some dessert. JoLynn slid into the passenger's seat, and I took a few minutes -maybe 20 or so - to fold myself into the driver's side of the Miata. We went East on Cabazon, then North on Unser and into the left hand turn lane to get some after-supper ice cream at that place by Discount Tire. I was looking ahead in traffic to find a break to turn left when suddenly there was this huge crash and we took off like a rocket.

The next thing I knew there were two tires on the median, two on the road, with the bottom of the Miata scraping the curb at about 70mph. My first thought?

I didn't just hit the curb again like I did in Shawna's car, did I? When we finally stopped, Jo was shaking, her neck, back and foot hurting. But, do I check to see how she is doing? Do I stop and check to see how I am doing? No.

Instead I rip open my door and look at the back of the car. The trunk was shoved all the way to behind JoLynn's seat. That was the best thing I saw all day. It wasn't my fault!

We later found out a drunk driver came around a corner, flew up Unser, nailed us in the rear - then went across all lanes and took down a light pole - then made it up to Southern and took out another three cars.

All I know is we are all safe, Amanda and I were still able to go to Arizona the next morning, and Micah will never park behind me again.

Wreck or no wreck, healing or none, merger or not, God is good - all the time.

Come join us this Sunday, May 15th, to hear a message from our guest speaker, Mark Dunn!

See you there!


Come join us this Sunday on Mother's day to hear and inspiring message from our guest speaker Tom Lambelet!

Hope to see you there!


This week at Cottonwood we have an exciting guest speaker.  Yo (short for Johann) Snyder is the son of an Air Force chaplain whose parents have served Christ all over the world.  As such, he has spent time in both the Mid-East and South East Asia.  A UNM graduate, he has been married for 17 years and has two teenage daughters (yikes!).  Yo's interests are centered around Christians in media, having worked for 88.3 for several years, including as the host of the popular Raw Talk segment.  Today, he is a technical writer by day, but at night he dons the cowl of a movie and video game reviewer.  He is also a published author.  Oh, and the best (worst?) part?  He's Canadian!  Please join us this week to hear from this very special guest!
04242016     At the time of Christ, Caesar's army was the most elite fighting force on the planet.  They surprised their enemies with their swiftness and out maneuvered and outlasted them through innovative tactics.  They were known for standing firm in the heat of battle, and protecting their own.  They were not friendly to Christians during the time of Paul, but everyone knew one when they saw one, and knew their reputation.
     It is the image of the Roman soldier standing battle-ready that Paul is conjuring in Ephesians 6 when he describes the Armor of God.  With his whole set of armor on and his companions beside him, the soldier was almost impervious to harm.  So we can be in the face of spiritual attack, if we elect to don God's armor.  What is it?  How do we get it?  Why do we need it?  Join us this Sunday as we cover this final passage from our Ephesians series.  See you there!