New Here? 

No matter how you ended up on our site, we are glad you are here. Take some time to get to know us, and we hope to get to know you soon.


So, What is Anchor Point?

Anchor Point is a diverse community of Jesus followers in Rio Rancho. We promise to be…

  • Relevant. We believe God is willing and able to answer our biggest questions. Why am I here? Can my marriage still work? What happens after I die? What should I do with my life? Why am I in such pain? The questions go on, and they don't often get simpler.
  • Real. We believe God is real. He put on skin and came to us in the person of Jesus. He hears us, sees us, and touches our lives. He promises abundant life, and He's the One who keeps his promises. Find out more by watching our video here.
  • Relaxed. Jesus ate with sinners, wore sandals like everyone else, and made wine for a wedding. Sounds relaxed to me. Rio Rancho is, too. We think that's a good thing.


What's Sunday like?

Our congregation spans a range of ages and backgrounds. The dress is casual, the music is a blend of older hymns and newer songs, similar to what's on the radio, the sermons epic!

The services starts at 10:0 and lasts for around an hour and 10 minutes. Kids are welcome to attend worship services, and we also offer a Sunday-morning program for children. We also have a youth program that meets on Sunday afternoon.  


How do I get there?

Head over to Pasilla Rd, on the west side of 528.  A short distance up the road on the right is Anchor Point. Just come on in and we will help you out. If you have more questions shoot us an email at .


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