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Dan Cooley, Lead Pastor

Family: I met my wife JoLynn in college and we have four wonderful children: Megan (Jon) Amanda (Jake), Micah, and Caleb. And we have six grandkids, but by the time you read this, it could be ten.

Education: I went to a bunch of schools (fun, but not too productive…) finally getting my life together and graduating from Criswell in Dallas and Moody Seminary in Chicago.

Personal Stuff: As a missionary kid, I’ve always known who Jesus was, but it wasn’t until college that I really began to look at how He fit into my life. Discovering the answer has been a mysterious, exhilarating, long (and sometimes difficult) journey, but I could not imagine a life without Christ. I have never regretted living by His book. If I can trust Him with this life, why not trust Him with the next one?

Outside of Church: I love eating, camping, fixing cars (too often), spending time with friends (never enough), and spending time with our kids and grandchildren. Some of my favorite books include Mere Christianity and all things CS Lewis, Miracle on Voodoo Mountain, and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. A few of my favorite movies are Napoleon Dynamite (ughhhhhhhhh), Princess Bride (Inconceivable!), Shadowlands, and Blues Brothers (We’re on a mission from God!)

Writing: I've always enjoyed telling little-known stories from the Bible. I've written a couple of books about it - Bizarre Bible Stories, Bizarre Bible Stories 2, and Bizarre Christmas Bible Stories.  Save some money, come to church a few times with your kids, and I'm sure we can give you one. I also enjoy writing for CTPastors - a leadership journal put out by Christianity Today.

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