We thought we would give you a list of some of our favorite websites. We hope this is helpful!


Bible Study Helps


Bible Reading and Catechism

  • Have trouble reading the Bible? Try this, The Bible Reading plan for Shirkers and Slackers. Just scratch off each day as you finish. Miss a day? Don't sweat it, just move ahead and catch it next week. Nothing can bring us closer to Christ than time in His Word.
  • Easier to listen than to read? We get that. Bible.is, is a terrific site with audio Bible Apps, downloads and more.
  • Our favorite Catechism - complete with a devotional guide, a free downloadable app, and a choice between childrens and adult version, New City Catechism. 


Family/Life Issues

Questioning Your Faith?

  • Lee Strobel - Best selling author and his quest to find truth.
  • Probe Ministries   - This is a terrific site with tons of current questions that affect Christians.
  • One Minute Apologist    - Short video clips, usually a bit over two minutes long, on questions of the faith. All of them are linked to YouTube. A pastor interviews experts on various topics.
  • Questions?  - NeedHim.org answers common questions about the Faith.