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Bible Study Helps


Bible Reading and Catechism

  • Have trouble reading the Bible? Try this, The Bible Reading plan for Shirkers and Slackers. Just scratch off each day as you finish. Miss a day? Don't sweat it, just move ahead and catch it next week. Nothing can bring us closer to Christ than time in His Word.
  • Easier to listen than to read? We get that., is a terrific site with audio Bible Apps, downloads and more.
  • Our favorite Catechism - complete with a devotional guide, a free downloadable app, and a choice between childrens and adult version, New City Catechism. 


Family/Life Issues

  • John Rosemond - A terrific parenting counselor - has an article in many newspapers including the ABQ Journal.
  • Focus on the family - Started by James Dobson - THE family site if in doubt start here.
  • Every Mans Ministry  - For men and their boys. Great resources.
  • Financial Peace University - Finance information and help - what we use for financial training at AnchorPoint
  • Pure Life Ministries - Helping with sexual purity
  • Pregnant? Need Help? - Care Net has free pregnancy testing, free STD testing, even free ultrasounds, material assistance, parenting classes, and baby supplies.
  • First Responder? Struggling? - Got Your Six is for first responders, medical personnel, veterans, active-duty military, and those who support those who serve. It's an open house with light snacks in our Annex from 9-11 am on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Questioning Your Faith?

  • Lee Strobel - Best-selling author and his quest to find truth.
  • Probe Ministries  - This is a terrific site with tons of current questions that affect Christians.
  • One Minute Apologist  - Short video clips, usually a bit over two minutes long, on questions of the faith. All of them are linked to YouTube. A pastor interviews experts on various topics.
  • Questions? - answers common questions about the Faith.


For Everything Else...

Well, maybe not entirely everything else, but it is a MASSIVE help. Here is our gift for you. A free link to RightNow Media, the largest digital Bible Study resource in the world. Over 20,000 short videos. You can type in the search bar for videos on anxiety, stress, life, and death, whatever. And, you can trust the content. There is even a kids section where you know whatever your children watch is safe. It is a bit like a Christian Netflix, where you have to make your own sign-in to access the videos. But, our church has paid for it, so it is free for your use.

RightNow Media Overview